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At Beach Labs, our mission is to harness the purity of Canada's coast to provide sustainably sourced, premium-quality, and natural magnesium products. We exist to empower individuals to optimize their well-being and embrace their active lifestyles with confidence, while championing transparency, sustainability, and the natural vitality of our environment.

We're outdoor enthusiasts, embarking on a quest for well-being by harnessing the healing potential of magnesium. We invite you along on our journey to wellness, so you can do more of what you love.


Matthias Kempe


As an outdoor enthusiast and soccer player, I thrive on adventure and physical activity. My passion for nature and sustainable living fuels my mission to leverage eco-friendly practices in every aspect of my life and work. My journey into sustainability began with my first venture in sustainable seaweed harvesting, a project that taught me the importance of harmonizing business with the environment.

Through this venture, I met Scott Gibson of Vancouver Island Sea Salt. Our collaboration sparked the collaboration on Beach Labs, a company born from the innovative idea that high-concentration magnesium brine could be derived through the sea salt-making process. Before this, I knew little about magnesium or its myriad benefits. Now, I am not only a daily user but also a fervent advocate for its remarkable health properties.

Beach Labs represents more than just a product to me; it's a testament to the possibility of creating effective wellness solutions without compromising our planet. Our magnesium products empower your body to achieve more and embrace an active lifestyle, all while being produced sustainably and responsibly.

Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the benefits of magnesium and embrace a lifestyle that values both personal wellness and environmental stewardship. Let's get active, stay informed, and enjoy the adventure together!

From Sea to Skin, we're committed to harnessing Canada's Purest Magnesium Source

  • 100% Sourced & Packaged in Canada: Our naturally derived magnesium is the first and only to be sourced completely from Canadian seawater. No added oils, parabens or artificial scents...just healing the way nature intended it.

  • Sustainably Sourced from the Ocean: Beach Labs leverages Canada’s pristine coastline to provide a single, traceable source of magnesium. It is NOT sourced from harmful mining/fracking practices or from a dead inland sea containing risks of heavy metals.

  • Packed with healthy Trace Minerals: Derived from nature (the Pacific Ocean), Beach Labs Magnesium Spray is balanced with over 40 synergistic trace minerals that are essential for your health.